A surprising number of people put off thinking about making a will despite the fact that a lawyer can make the process uncomplicated, enlighten you on many points and give you real value for money.

At Peace Revitt, we work with you to make the whole process as straightforward as possible and help to ensure you have covered all the important points. For instance did you know that the intestacy rules which apply if you do not make a will may not provide for your spouse as you might wish?

When a person dies it is important their affairs are properly administered and with this in mind we aim to secure your peace of mind.

There are many aspects to our wills service and we can offer advice on the administration of an estate if you have been named the executor in a will. We can apply for a Grant of Probate and collect and distribute the assets dealing with the formalities and assisting you at what can be a very difficult time.

We can also give you comprehensive information on why and how to arrange a Lasting Power of Attorney allowing someone of your choice to deal with your finances should you no longer be able to do so in the future.

We offer local home visits if required. Why not get us to contact you to discuss your specific needs?

WARNING - Please be aware of services offered cheap however polished the advertising appears. We have to live with the fact that most people believe solicitors to be too expensive.

However, our lawyers are properly trained. They are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and watched over and assisted by the Law Society and Legal Ombudsman.

Very importantly, our firm is required to obtain full Professional Indemnity Insurance in order to protect our clients' interest and our solicitors cannot practice as such without it.

Consider carefully the difference in price. Is it really worth employing a firm who may not have the necessary skills, insurance and safeguards?

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